Back in 2015 Pete and I launched this collaborative project after many many beers and chats about our different ideas.  We held a launch night at the new farm cafe The Gettin’ Place with the pieces coming to life against the rustic beauty of the cafe’s brick walls.

Chain of hearts img_4685Chlorophytum / / Ribbon Plantimg_8981 img_903712241699_1488006798172550_7523485722823956681_nPete the Plantman and Iimg_9040Monstera Deliciosa12247098_1488007541505809_1530331367653944987_nPothos Devil’s Ivy Goldilocks
12278900_1489049694734927_67467159922062400_nLotus Red Flash12341225_1491631124476784_8015810250305981839_n